Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday ... kind of!!

So ... the blogging is very far behind indeed, but I promised that I would blog TONIGHT, so blog I will!!

We had the super fun privilege of attending John Wesley and Emma's birthday party tonight. The best part about the party is that while Emma's birthday was on Sunday, John Wesley's birthday was in February!! Shellee ... that is one of my favorite things about you ... that the birthday party doesn't necessarily correlate with the actual birthDAY at all!! So awesome!!

Anyway, the party was perfect ... swimming, kids, great night to just sit outside and enjoy!

There were some crazy tricks going on in the pool

That would be Luke!!

I didn't get a whole lot of pictures of the actual party because there was some other really, REALLY cute stuff going on right close to me . . .

Like this sweet little girl ... how cute is she?? Poor Abri had swimmers ear and couldn't swim but it didn't seem to dampen her spirit!!

(Notice Glory's buns in the background of the pic ... that was a whole other something cute!!)

And look what I got to do . . . I had forgotten how much I enjoyed little baby girls with yellow polka dotted swimsuits who will fall asleep right in your lap!! So much cuteness!!! Daylee Grace is a doll!!

But this is the best . . . the combination of all the cuteness . . . Abri holding Daylee and having so much fun!!!

Thanks for a fun night, Powell family . . . even though I felt a little weird as I told John Wesley "happy birthday" when we left!!!