Sunday, December 16, 2012


My firstborn son is officially SIXTEEN years old!!   Hard to believe, indeed!

He decided he wanted to go to El Rancho Grande with a few family and friends, so that's what we did!

(The pictures and I are not getting along so I'm just going to tell the tale in the order that they are!)

This was taken on his actual birthday and was his token gift to open on the "real" day.   So, here's the deal .... I've wrapped everything I've gotten Alex in the last few weeks just so it would be done and out of sight.  I knew what gifts were for his birthday and which ones were for Christmas, but I wrapped them all in Christmas paper.  So when it came time for him to open his birthday present today, I got the box that I thought was the right one and as he tore into it, I immediately realized it wasn't the right one!!   Nice!!  I busted out laughing and grabbed the box back!!  :)  Here he is with the wrong box!!

Here's the birthday boy with his momma!!

And here he is with his good buddies .... Spencer and Reagan.  I so wish this had turned out better!  I was so surprised that they were all actually smiling at the same time, I rushed to get the pic!!

Here's the birthday cookie cake!!

And here's Alex with his favorite birthday card from Ryan, Katie, Meagan, and Lexie.   You can't really tell it from the picture, but Alex thought this card was really funny!  And if Alex hadn't just gotten a haircut, it would have looked just like him!! 

So it's been a great weekend of fun for Alex.   Here's hoping the next year is Alex's best one yet!!  Happy Birthday to a really great kid!!