Monday, July 12, 2010

An awesome weekend . . . a beautiful wedding

This weekend, I found myself with a lot of family and friends in the great city of San Antonio.

This beautiful couple was getting married . . . Congrats to Jayson and Brooke!!

We went down on Thursday and got to have a little fun before the big day. The first night we ate Mexican food on the Riverwalk with the fam.

The second night, I got to eat Mexican food on the Riverwalk AGAIN!! Awesome!! This time I went with Meagan and my cousin Karla from Florida. It was super fun!!

This girl and I had lots o fun!!!

When we weren't eating Mexican on the Riverwalk, we tried to spend as much time as possible at this place. The wedding was at the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort and that place was amazing!! I really wish I had taken more pictures because it was so beautiful!! The pool area was so cool, complete with water slides and a huge lazy river. Here, my mom, Meagan, and Lexie are sitting under the umbrella waiting for a rain cloud to pass. Sadly, this is the only pool pic I have!!

Finally, Saturday night came and after much primping, we headed down to the big event. I had a little taste of girl life as we got ready. Meagan wanted her hair curled, Lexie wanted hers straight, and I just hoped mine looked decent!! It was a funny sight as I curled Meagan's hair while she blow dried Lexie's!! And the best part?? After being outside for maybe 10 minutes, Lexie's was curling up and Meagan's was falling!! Seriously?? Here's everyone all pretty . . .

Meagan, Mom, and Lexie waiting . . .

With all of the extended family in one place and looking so nice, it was a great time to take some pics!

Brothers . . . wedding preachers . . . Dad and Joe waiting for things to get going . . .

Mom and Dad

All of the siblings . . . Joe, Audrey, Darrell, Joy, Jane, Mom, and Dad

Joe, Audrey, and Karla

Deneise and I

Payton and Lexie

All in all, it was such a great weekend . . . lots of fun with family and friends . . . lots of relaxation . . . a beautiful wedding . . . good food . . . and the list could go on and on . . .

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Landry!!

As hard as it is to believe, this little baby boy turned 5 in April!! We celebrated at Pump It Up and it was super fun!!

Here's his cast of friends . . . Andy, Ben, Reagan, Payton, brothers, and Ryan, Meagan, and Lexie were in town so that was an added bonus!!!

Almost everyone got in on the sliding fun . . . even Poppy and Nana!!

Payton and Lexie . . .

Ryan, trying to hold his own wrestling the big boys and girl!!

Lexie Lou

Cute boy!

This was a super cool present from Landry's favorite Baylor fan ... thanks Ms Estes!!

And here he is all decked out!! That is a fun, fun place to party!!
Landry plays the baby role well but also holds his own against his big brothers! He is so excited to be in Kindergarten this year, has a very healthy (a little too healthy) fear of dogs, would prefer to only eat popsicles, is a big question asker (his fave is ... how long till we get there ... even if we're just going to Walmart!!), loves puzzles and playing "doggie" among many other things! He's a great, funny boy and he's 5??? Really??!!