Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A nice break ....

It's been a great week off from the normal routine of life! Here's some of the fun we've had ....

Lots of football playing ....

Even more basketballing ...... this either shows Alex's great speed, or my amazing camera skills ... not sure which!!!

Shooting free throws ....

Reagan taking his turn at free throws .... 

Building forts in the living room ....

Having lunch with friends ....

More basketball ??   And brotherly love!!

And the guaranteed-to-be-entertaining event .... PING PONG!!! 

All in all, a very fun, relaxing week with some of my favorite peeps!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is always full of family, food, football watching, and just a bunch of fun!! Here's our day on pictures …

Thanksgiving just isn't Thanksgiving without a little basketball!!

Landry and BigPa playing a little ipad!

The Crittenden's ...... Edith, George, Ben, and George Earl

BigPa and Grandma facetiming with Justine .... Grandma's sister in Virginia that she hasn't seen in a really long time!  Isn't technology awesome?!  This was very cool!!

Alex teaching BigPa a few things about his new phone!
Whaaat??  Alex is old enough to want to take a nap on Thanksgiving???  What is this world coming to?!?

Landry spent a good part of his day building!

Let Thanksgiving 2012 be known as the year Mom decided to move away from the traditional path of turkey and dressing and explore uncharted waters such as pork loin!!   After the initial shock of it, I think it went swimmingly well!!   Thanks for hosting, Mom, and for a great feast, as always!! 

And .... I'm not sure why the pics are huge .... will work on that!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

6 months??!!

It appears that it's been 6 whole months since I've blogged!! That's pretty crazy!! I'm going to do better!! That's all!!! :)