Saturday, January 21, 2012

Alex and Reagan

These 2 boys turned 15 last month and they've been friends almost since their days of birth!!

I thought it would be fun to look back at some happy times with these two .... especially since they rarely smile for the camera anymore!!

Here they are at Alex's annual Spring Creek Birthday Dinner ...... so happy to finally be 15!!

After their first official game as high school basketball players!!

This was at basketball camp last summer. Alex had already enforced his no-smile policy while Reagan had not yet decided to commit to that line of thinking.

At the 14th birthday dinner at Spring Creek ..... all smiles!!
Game faces .... 7th grade football ...... the only picture ever to have these two playing football together. Long live #88 and #89!!!

Teenagers!!! Yikes!!

Twelve year olds!!

Halloween 2004 ..... 7 years old!!

5 years old!! Nice smiles, guys!!!

Three year old Soccer players!! These guys were THE cutest ..... so funny to watch!!

In my scrapbook, I have all the pictures of them in their first attempt at team sports. I had written that Alex started off the season and was really excited about playing but as the season went on, he began to lose interest. By the end of the season, he only wanted to play when Reagan was playing so they could play together!!

Love the friendship these two have's a great thing!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby Luke

The big NINE year old was known as Baby Luke for a long time!!!

Here's the 2 year old version ....

The 3 year old baseball player .......

Graduating from The Grace Place at 5 ........

And just for fun, look at these little goofballs!! I'm thinking they were about 3 and 1 ..... and probably weighed about the same!!!

Sweet babies!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Luke is NINE!!

The sweetest, most huggy boy on the planet turned 9 last week. Coincidentally, his birthday fell on the same day as the first game of the Upward season. I'm honestly not sure which one he was more excited about!! Throughout the week leading up to the big day, I would hear he and Landry doing the countdown ....4 more days .....3 more days, etc. Invariably, they would follow that with ...until Upward starts, not "until my birthday!!"

Luke is such a great kid. He's very kind and sensitive. He works really hard to keep up with his 2 big brothers and also stays busy bossing his little brother around too!! He's thoughtful and considerate, always quick with hugs and "I love you's".

He had been wanting an ipod touch for forever and had waited patiently for it. This Summer, his good buddy, Kaleb, had his old ipod for sale and Luke really wanted to buy it. I was a little hesitant for him to buy it, as Kaleb had bought it in used condition, and I was worried that it might not last too long. Luke reeeealllly wanted it and could not WAIT to get his money and exchange it for the ipod.

Before the decision was made, I gave Luke a piece of paper with a line drawn down the middle. On one side, it had a + sign. On the other side, it had a - sign. I told Luke to sit down and list all the good reasons to buy Kaleb's ipod under the + and to write all the bad things about buying it under the -. After a few minutes, he had one thing in the + column and several things in the - column. I asked him what he wanted to do and he calmly said, I'll wait to get a new one. When I asked him if he was sure, he said ... Yes ... there are more bad reasons than good ones, so I'll just wait.

And that was it .... he waited patiently and finally got his ipod for his birthday!!

I thought at the time that it was so simple for him once he saw the pros and cons in black and white!! Wouldn't it be so nice if all decisions were that simple?!

Here he is with the beloved ipod touch!!

Mom and the birthday boy!!


The cake that pretty much took care of my sprinkle collection!!

A few days before Luke's birthday, I was in Central Market and noticed these cinnamon rolls!! This is the same brand of bread that we really like so I was so excited!! We have not had cinnamon rolls since Luke was diagnosed with Celiac almost 4 years ago!! I made regular cinnamon rolls for the rest of us (from the can, of course, and ohmygosh .....they were sooooo good!!! It's been a long time!!!) and I made Luke one of these. He was kind of excited about it except he's always so nervous on the first day of Upward!! So, he might have eaten half of it before reminding me that he just can't eat much before the first game!! Silly me .... what was I thinking!!??

Happy Birthday Luke!! You totally rock!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sharing the Christmas Love


These should have gone in the Christmas Day post ..... a little family love in Granbury!!

How can I fix those darn red eyes?? I even tried on Picnik and couldn't get it to work!!

The Merriest Christmas

This Christmas was a really great one!! Well, they all seem really great at the time, but then they just seem to get better and better!!

We did most of our celebrating on the 26th because that's when Ryan and the girls arrived. No one seemed to mind waiting an extra day ... it almost made it funner!!

Of course, Santa still made an appearance on Christmas Day. Here are the highlights ...

(Excuse the red eyes ... it seems to be a problem throughout the pics!)

The littles with the cookies and milk for Santa .... Santa loves Chocolate Milk!!!

Some of us had a slow start ....

#1 Baylor fan . . .

Awwww look .... the little ray of sunshine perked up when Santa brought him a phone!! No more flip phone for Alex = much happiness!!

And the Baylor boy got a new phone too!!

Legos and Hot Wheels ..... always good presents!!
Presents, Church, Family, and a trip to Granbury made for an awesome Christmas!!

Finally ......the Tooth Fairy!!

Landry is 6 years and 8 months old and finally, has lost his first tooth!! Most of his little friends have big giant teeth in their cute little mouths, but Landry's teeth have stubbornly held on tightly.

Until now .....

Happy times!!