Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lots o' Ball

After an all-too-brief break from organized sports, Opening Day came bright and early today. With three out of four boys playing baseball, it's going to be a busy Spring!!

Luke and Landry drew the short straws and both had games at 8:30 . . . in the morning!! They both played hard and I ran hard back and forth between their 2 games. When it was all over, Landry's team came out on top and Luke's team took a loss. Luke took the loss pretty hard which, interestingly enough, pitted the Rangers (Luke's team) against the Giants. Just like in the World Series, the Rangers came up short!

We had a nice break at home then headed to the baseball field to watch Alex play later in the day. Alex hasn't played baseball in a couple of years so I was kind of interested to see how he would do after such a long break. He did well, making a couple of great catches and hitting the ball. It was a great day for baseball . . . until the cold front (that most of us missed the memo about) rolled through.

The funniest thing I heard today was spoken in the car. Landry (who won today) and Luke (who lost today) were talking about their games and how they did. Landry matter-of-factly says to Luke . . .

Luke . . . I bet if my team played your team, we would definitely win yall!!

Luke respectfully disagreed!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Say What??

I have been reading way back in the ol' blog ... back to 2007 ... and I have laughed so hard at the stuff I'd forgotten!! This blog ... it's a good idea!! Here are a couple of my favorites from tonight .... Parker was making me laugh back then too (12/12/2007), Landry was just a little 2 year old learning some crazy stuff about his body (12/2/2007), and a good reminder that you can't say "thanks" too often (11/2007).

My computer is sick ... really sick ... so there won't be any pictures until it gets better.

But I was reminded by reading back that early in the bloggy days, I would just write a quick story or tale of something someone said that was funny ... or just something I didn't want to forget. I think I'm gonna try to do that more often!!

Parker ... interesting boy that he is ... uses his post bedtime moments to make some pretty serious choices about his life.

For example, a few weeks ago, long after he should have been asleep, he came out of his room all cock-eyed and messed up, and said, "Mom ... don't be mad ... I HAVE to tell you this!! I have finally decided what I want to do with my life!!!" I say, "Awesome ... can't wait to hear it."
Parker - "I'm going to be a professional hockey player!!!"
Me - "????"
Parker - I know, I know .... I don't know how to ice skate but I'm going to learn. Will you take me?? Can I take lessons??
Me - Say what??!?!

Then tonight, another night of having trouble falling asleep, he comes out and has some more exciting news to share.

"I need vocal chord surgery!"

Say What???

"Well, yeah ... I think I wanna be on America's Got Talent and my voice really isn't that great, so I'm gonna need some surgery to fix that!!"

Dream big, baby .... dream big!!