Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Fun

This year, the pumpkin carving was put off until almost the last minute!! Thankfully, we managed to get it in and enjoyed some beautiful weather while doing so.

The only before shot . . . Luke won the prize for the hardest pumpkin to get a knife through!! Look at the excitement on that face!!!

Here's the worst part . . . the guts!!!

Then the funner part . . . the carving . . .

Such concentration!!

Finally . . . the finished products . . .

The boys really look forward to doing this little Halloween treat. And as much as I enjoy it, I'm really glad it only comes around once a year!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Say What??!

Driving in the car the other day, Luke says . . . .

Mom, when you wear dresses, do you wear petticoats??

Ummm ... I'm gonna go with NO!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just another day at the golf course

Alex had his first golf tournament yesterday, playing on the Varsity Golf team of the amazing Brewer Bears!!! Nerves definitely made an appearance at the ol' golf course . . . both his and mine!!

An unwelcome surprise showed up early in the morning . . . FOG . . . and lots of it!! The drive to the course (Trophy Club Country Club) was a beating as you could only see 2-3 cars ahead. The golf course was no exception and when I arrived, there were golfers everywhere, waiting for the fog to lift. Finally, after about an hour delay, the tourney started.

There were over 2oo golfers participating and Alex headed with his team to hole #8. Here he is waiting for his turn to tee off.

In his group was a really good player from Boswell (a Senior), a good player from Kennedale (a Senior), an ok player from Decatur (a Junior), and Alex (the lowly Freshman!!). Alex started ok with a bogey and a par on the first two holes, then he began to struggle a bit. He definitely had some interesting shots but he stuck with it and began making some good shots.

Here are all the guys . . . by the end of the day, I felt like I'd spent a week with them!! :)

Here's Alex contemplating the meaning of life while he waits . . . .

This picture shows the foggy, messy day it started out to be. Everything was so wet and gross!! But finally, as the morning went on, the fog lifted and the sun began to shine. Alex settled in a bit and ended up the round with a 102. While there is definitely room for improvement, he did a lot of things well and should be very proud of his first outing on the golf team! Good job, Alex!!

A little trip to Aggieland

On a warm Saturday in October, we loaded up early and headed south to College Station, Texas for a little college football. We got to go along with our favorite friends, even though there was a little division amongst our friends. Baylor was playing A&M and hopes were high, as was the temperature!! (It got a little hot for a mid-October game!!)

Having never been to an Aggie game in College Station, I was anxious to take it all in. The first thing that became very obvious was that there were a gazillion people at this place!! This is the student side . . . like I said, a gazillion people!!!

And this is one of the endzone sections. This was very impressive to me because all of the other college football stadiums I've been to (with the exception of OU) have very few endzone seats. This was a monster section, looking like it reached up into the sky!!

Among all those people, we found our seats and settled in. Here I am attempting the self-picture yet again and making remarkable progress, since the Seattle adventure!!

And here's Payton showing me how it's really done!! Bragger!!!

Here are Parker and I enjoying the game . . . .

Here are all the girls . . . .

And here are all the boys . . . .

Halftime was incredible . . . . a very impressive show! Here's the youtube link to the show the day we were there!

After the game, of course the boys wanted to go play a little ball down on the field. A few other kids had that same idea!! Alex, Parker, and Reagan are the ones in maroon!!

Awwww . . . . Alex and Parker with their Mommy!!

And the crew . . . minus Emily!! (Why didn't we get someone to take a pic with all of us?? Did we and I just didn't get it?? Hopefully!)

This picture makes me laugh!!! :)

Sooo . . . the Aggies came out on top this time, but Emily was a great sport and didn't let it spoil a fun day!! All said and done, it was a really great day!! It's such a neat experience for the boys to be able to put their feet on college campuses and dream for their futures!! Thanks to great friends who make fun days like this happen!!