Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All in a day's work

Anyone who has spend any time around me at all knows that I have an amazing job that I really love!! It really is the best job in the district and I am very, very thankful for it!!

Along with getting to get to know some really neat kids and teaching them some really crazy stuff (Transformations of Square Root Functions is my current nemesis!!), I get to be out "in the real world" everyday and see some really interesting things. At the beginning of this school year, I started taking pictures of things that I found cool, weird, or downright head-scratchers!! Here's a small collection:

Let's start with the sweet and innocent ......

A mama and her babies!! Awwww!! Yes, I'm assuming she had twins ..... probably not reality, but let's just go with it!!

Beautiful horses ...... I get to drive past these beauties everyday.

There's a ton of road construction being done around the high schoool and it has cut into the land that these guys used to roam. One day, as I was pulling into the high school, I noticed this lone horse on top of a huge pile of dirt! It totally cracked me up!! I wish I'd witnessed the King of the Hill game he/she won to have that privilege!!! :)

This fella lives in a field close to my house so we get to see him almost every day as well! He's been around a while now, but when he first appeared in a field of horses, it was a bit of a shock!! The day that I took this picture, I slowed way down and he stopped eating and stared right at me. The second I took the picture, he immediately started screaming at me ......I saw his teeth and everything!! Totally cracked me up again!!!

Now for the weird ones ....

This car caught my eye a few months ago. First off, who puts magnetic flowers all over their car?? Second, as this car sped past me, I noticed that it was a Lexus!! A Lexus covered in brightly colored magnetic flowers ...... you don't see that everyday!!

This fun car was parked next to me one day ...... it had a nice zebra paint job but even better than that was this fun sign on the window! Well darn ...... I guess I'll have to find another car that DOES have some drugs!

This last one goes in the Serious Head-Scratcher category. This sign was one of two or three in a normal, suburban neighborhood!!

Ummmm ........ ok??!! I guess we all need to have something we can be proud of!!?? Thanks for feeding the birds?? I wish I knew the story behind this sign!!

So, not only do I have a great job, I get the added bonus of seeing fun stuff like this!! And if it weren't for some very strict privacy laws, I'd have lots of fun stories to tell too!!