Sunday, May 26, 2013

Parker, the 14 year old!!

Parker turned 14 today ......crazy how time flies!!  Some of my favorite memories about Parker include him being such a big, easy going baby long as he had his food!!   Parker would probably still be eating every 3-4 hours around the clock if I hadn't cut off his fat self at about 4 months!!

Parker has now grown into a good young man who is a smart and unique thinker.  I am often surprised at his insight as it can be well beyond his years.    We celebrated today with chocolate chip pancakes, pizza and cake, and a lot of playing outside.  Parker's future is bright ......can't wait to watch it unfold!  

Happy birthday Parker!!

Some of my favorite peeps ....

Today was a special day because it was wedding day for a co-worker of mine.   This meant that almost all of my office-mates got dressed up and got together to show some love for the new bride and groom.   These guys, though we aren't all together anymore, have been a huge support and encouragement to me for a long time.   It was soo great for everyone to be together, if only for a short time!!

And so I'll remember when I'm old(er) and senile(r) ....left to right, Matt, Gwynne, Gail, Terri, Dora, Valerie, and Ronda, aka The Boss Lady.    The picture quality isn't great, but this was a happy time!!   And no, we didn't get the bride or groom in the pic!!  Oops!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Fourth Grade Field Day

Luke had another fun day today with his last Field Day of elementary school.   He had entered the 75 yard dash, the 100 yard dash, and the Long Jump.  

Here he is in the first heat of the 75 yard dash ...
And here is the photo finish of the 75 yard dash Finals.   Luke was racing against his good buddy Nathan and they were neck in neck the whole way.   This is the picture that Nathan's mom snapped as they crossed the finish line.  

The best part of this story is that the teachers weren't totally sure who had won because it was so close.  Luke immediately said "he beat me"  The teachers were very proud of his honesty and rewarded him for it.  

Good times!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Getting flushed

Luke did well on the dreaded STAAR tests and as a reward got to be "flushed" at the STAAR Carnival today.  This was a reward earned by only a few in his class and he was super excited about it as he headed to school.   It's a variation of the dunking booth and was every bit as much fun as Luke thought it would be!!  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The homemade thermometer

Thanks to the weather today, we had an unexpected free night!!  No late baseball game!!  Woohoo!!

Luke wanted to do an extra credit project for school, so we jumped in and hoped for the best!!  The project was to make a thermometer out of some around-the-house materials.  Here's how it happened ....

It started by adding some food coloring to a bottle of cold water.  

Next came putting some play-do around a straw without squishing the straw 

Next he filled the bottle with water and put the straw in with sealing the top with the play-do.  Notice the water begins to come up the straw. 

He then put it in a bowl of cold water and waited to see what happened.  

Luke then started cutting a scale out of cardboard. 

When we tried to attach the scale to the straw, the seal of play-do was broken so it's accuracy was well, not as accurate!  

Overall though, when the air temperature is warmer than the water, the water goes up the straw.   When the air is cooler, the water goes back down. 

And Landry decided to have a little fun with the extra play-do ....

Nice bird!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A nice young man

Parker had the privilege of meeting a TCU football player at a TCU basketball game a few months ago.  Parker and Skye Dawson texted off and on, with Skye even coming to watch one of Parker's basketball games.  Skye was a Senior and was hoping to get into the NFL.  Parker watched the NFL draft religiously, hoping his friend would get his big break.  While he didn't get drafted, he did get picked up by the Washington Redskins as a free agent.  He has since been to Washington to try out for the team and was successful at making the team!!  He was back in town last week and he and Parker caught up before he heads back to Washington.  I've met Skye on a couple of occasions and have been very impressed with him.   To take time out of his busy schedule for a young boy who looks up to him is admirable.  He is very polite and respectful and a good role model for young boys.  Here's hoping he's as successful on the football field as he is off of it!


Alex has not been a huge eater in his teenage years, by most standards.   Tonight was a different story.   It is currently 9:30pm and he has just sat down to his second supper.   (His first being a huge baked potato with broccoli and cheese before basketball practice!)  This supper consists of ....scalloped potatoes and ham, mashed potatoes with little smoky sausages added, a soft taco with taco meat and queso, and a plate of little smoky sausages.   Can that skinny boy eat all of that??  It remains to be seen!!

P.S.  He was watching basketball ....hence the funny look!

P.P.S.  He just said that adding the sausages to his mashed potatoes was the best decision of his life!!  :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Springtime baseball

Luke and Landry are enjoying this year's baseball season. They both have good coaches and teams .....and being on a winning team definitely helps in the fun department.   There have been many big wins and Luke's team is undefeated at the moment.     I am often reminded of the words a wise man once said ......"A blowout isn't fun for anyone!"   And Luke, who has been a big winner this season and is reading as I type, says he definitely agrees!!

Luke on the mound....

Luke .....gearing up for a home run!!

Luke's team lined up for the National Anthem ...

Landry's ready to go!

Bust it baby!!

Landry the catcher!

It's been a fun season .....and still going!!


Alex had another great basketball season this year and at the end of the year banquet, he was awarded the MVP for the JV team!  Congrats Alex!!  Very proud of you!!

And my favorite comment about the picture of Alex and I came from Luke ...Wow Mom're eyes are so blue in this picture ....they're sticking out like sore thumbs!!!    Ummm ....thanks!!??