Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crazy Landry

Here are a couple of funny Landry moments . . .

Me: I need to take some shoes back to DSW really quickly then we can go do our other stuff.
Landry: Do they have a drive-thru??
(ummmm .... no!)

Me: Do yall wanna go to Toys R Us?
Landry: Yes, but can we please go look at the toy section?? I really wanna see the toys!!
(ummmm ... I guess!)

Landry: How old is Ms. Estes?
Me: 28
Landry: (big, surprised face) And she can drive a CAR????!!!!
(ummm ... yes!!)

Silly boy!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Gratitude Poem

Luke does a really good job at school. He has a really great teacher this year and takes his work pretty seriously! He brought this home in his folder last week and I think he either didn't understand the directions or was having a little trouble focusing!! Either way, it made me laugh!!

Gratitude Acrostic Poem

G- Grandparent

R- Rangers

A- A guitar

T- Texas is the biggest state

I- I LOVE TCU Horned

T- Turkey is good

U- U are my friend

D- Dog Town

E- Eating is asome

I think we definitely need to revisit the gratitude concept!! :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Letters from the past

Several months ago, my mom gave me a cardboard box of all things Kristy. It included my Kindergarten workbooks, several school projects, lots of report cards, and a few random items.

Today, I finally transferred it all into a big Rubbermaid box so that it would stack easily in the garage. And as much as I wanted to look at everything single thing, I just didn't have the time. But one envelope with the word "Mom" scrawled on it grabbed my attention and I opened it to see what was there. Here's what I found: (I'm guessing I might have been an early teenager?? Mom??)

Mother Dear,

I just wanted to let you know that I have, in fact, done something useful today! For example:

1. Made 55 cookies
2. Washed all dishes whether they be mine or someone else's
3. Folded 1 load of clothes
4. Ran dishwasher
5. Made 1 pitcher of tea
6. Emptied ice 1 time
7. Cleaned my room
8. Made Ryan 2 glasses of tea
9. Cleaned out my purse!
10. Put stuff in my scrapbook (you need some more rubber cement!)
11. Talked on the phone a little!

I'm not bringing up the $20 again, I'm just letting you know I can be useful!

Apparently, my mom didn't think she was getting her money's worth out of me!!