Monday, September 23, 2013

Four Eyes No More

Parker has been wanting contacts for a very long time.  His wise eye doctor has insisted that he could not get contacts until he kept his room straight on a regular basis.  While Parker is not a neat freak by any standard, we decided to give contacts a try.  It also helped him on the football field, as he didn't have to squeeze his glasses into his helmet anymore!  

Here he is learning the delicate art of putting a small plastic disk directly on your eyeball!!  

 It was no easy task!!  After approximately 57 tries, he got one on!!   Then he had to go to the other eye!  Then he had to take them out and put them back in again!!  It was grueling!!  But he didn't give up! 

 And look at him now!  He NEVER wears his glasses ... not even around the house!   He loves his contacts and hasn't looked back!  

It has totally changed his look.  He's had glasses since the 4th grade so it's a big difference. Looking good, dude!!

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