Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer Cooking - Luke

Back in the Summer, I stole a good idea from my good friend, Crystal Intfen.  She assigned her kids a night and they were in charge of dinner for that night.   They figured out what they wanted to cook and did as much of the work as possible in the kitchen.  

That sounded fun to me so I threw it out to the boys (all except Alex who was on a trip with friends).   Landry immediately thought of his idea .....going to Pie Five where everyone would "make" their own pizza.   While I applauded his good idea, that wasn't exactly what I had in mind.  

I'm going to post these stories in 3 separate posts.  Here's Luke's night ....

Luke and I had been studying the menu for his upcoming week of camp and he'd seen Chicken Fried Steak on the menu.  So he asked if we could make that.   Now I've never made a chicken friend steak, much less a gluten free chicken fried steak and I was a little leery of the idea, to be honest.  But Luke  has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone in the kitchen many times and I researched recipes and we jumped in.  

These pictures are all pretty terrible, but that was the least of our worries!!

Here's Luke working on the dry ingredients ....

The recipe suggested using baggies to coat the meat so that's what we did. 

Fryin it up baby!!!

Mashing those taters!

We can even make gravy!!   Oh yeah!!!

This boy can even make pudding for dessert!!  What a multi-tasker!!

And the finished product ......

He didn't want anything else .....just chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. We threw in some watermelon for good measure!!  And I have to say, the CFS was awesome!!  I was very surprised ....until I realized that anything fried in a half cup of Crisco is probably gonna taste awesome!!    

(Sorry Mom, Grandma, and anyone else whose arteries are hardening just thinking about that!!)  

Anyway, it was a great meal and Luke definitely chose a winner!!

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